Ethiopia pledges to work closely with the Kingdom in manpower sector

Ethiopian Maids and Saudi Agro-Investments

After the ban on hiring of maids from Indonesia and the Philippines has caused an acute shortage of domestic labor, Ethiopia promises relief and reiterates its commitment to Saudi agro-investments:

RIYADH: Ethiopia has pledged to work closely with Saudi Arabia to boost bilateral ties, especially in the manpower and agriculture sectors.

Ethiopian President Girma Wolde-Giorgis, who was released from a Riyadh hospital on Sunday after a routine medical check-up, made the vow to forge closer ties and to support the Kingdom’s ambitious food security initiative in an exclusive interview with Arab News in the capital Sunday night. Girma, while providing an overview of progressively growing relations between Riyadh and Addis Ababa, pointed out that about 10,000 maids out of the 30,000 female workers recruited so far from the second most populous African country have arrived in the Kingdom.

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Ethiopia pledges to work closely with the Kingdom in manpower sector

UAE investors urged to start developing farmland in Sudan

After the rumblings of the Saudi agro-business people about lagging implementation of the King Abdullah Initiative for Saudi Agricultural Investments Abroad (KAISAIA) ( another indication that the failure of the Sudan bread basket strategy of the 1970s might just repeat itself.

Sudan is urging the UAE to begin developing the vast expanses of farmland it has acquired in the country, as the north loses the majority of its oil revenues following the independence of South Sudan.The country, ravaged by years of conflict, is now turning its focus to its agricultural sector, as it desperately tries to generate cash.