New article in Middle East Journal on Iraq under UN Embargo

The Middle East Journal has just published my article “Iraq under UN Embargo, 1990–2003: Food Security, Agriculture, and Regime Survival”: .

Abstract: Using Iraqi archival resources and newspapers, this article analyzes strategic perceptions of the multilateral United Nations embargo (1990–2003) by Saddam Husayn and his Ba’th Party. It shows how the regime prioritized agricultural selfsufficiency to break the embargo, used food rationing to avert famine, and instrumentalized food trade to reward cronies and punish opponents. Food security, hydropolitics, and agriculture ranked prominently in regime discussions as they were regarded as crucial to safeguard political legitimacy and assure regime survival.

It is the third article of a EU funded project on Rural Development, Food Security, and Political Stability in Iraq (RUDEFOPOS-IRAQ):

The other two articles were:

“Food Security in Iraq: Results from Quantitative and Qualitative Surveys,” Food Security, Vol.  9, Issue 3, (2017) 511-522,

“Agriculture as a Funding Source of ISIS: A GIS and remote sensing analysis,” Food Policy, Vol. 64, October 2016, 14–25 (with Hadi Jaafar) (open access).

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